Update Your Ohio homeowners Insurance Quotes for Jewelry

When you’re shopping for insurance, you might receive Ohio homeowners insurance quotes from three or more agents. That’s smart shopping, but it’s not the last time you should check on the cost of your insurance policy, or to determine exactly what it covers. Your insurance needs change over time. If you consult with your insurance agent as your situation changes, you can adjust the coverage and price of your insurance without going through the process of getting additional Ohio homeowners insurance quotes from https://ohioinsurancequotes.net/ohio-homeowners-insurance-quotes/.


One common occurrence that merits a talk with your insurance agent is the addition of an expensive piece of jewelry. If you receive an expensive piece of jewelry as an anniversary, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day gift, you should make sure it’s insured for its full value by your homeowner’s policy. Claims for the loss or theft of jewelry are very common, so it pays to ask your insurance agent to include coverage for your new jewelry when you receive your yearly Ohio homeowners insurance quotes. Better still, you should call your agent as soon as you acquire any notable piece of jewelry to make sure it’s appropriately covered under your existing policy.


Typical Ohio homeowners insurance quotes include a small amount of coverage for jewelry, typically only $1,000. This number can be subject to a large deductible if it’s the only item on a claim, making it even more difficult to replace if it goes missing. There are two easy ways to add additional coverage for jewelry. If you forward a copy of a receipt or appraisal of an expensive piece of jewelry to your insurance agent, it can be listed along with your overall home inventory. The coverage limits can also be raised, which generally only costs a few dollars more per year.


The second way to ensure that your important jewelry is covered is by taking out additional policies. Umbrella insurance policies can offer you additional loss limits over standard homeowners policies. You can also purchase what is called an Inland Marine Floater. This is an endorsement on an existing insurance account that can be applied to homeowners or renters insurance to cover what is usually termed a mysterious disappearance. This is especially useful for expensive jewelry, which can be lost by a mishap like accidentally washing it down the drain, or having the stone fall out of the setting without the wearer noticing it until it’s too late to find it.